For several years now, we have felt the need to commit to higher ideals of responsibility, hence Ruffino Cares. This brand encapsulates all of Ruffino’s environmental responsibility and corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns.

“Sustainability” is an invaluable concept since it revolves around the capability to create a production system that can endlessly repeat activities without depleting or exhausting its various production factors. It must be a system capable of endurance and regeneration over time, which inspires all those committed to it, people and partners alike, to sustain a lasting and circular economic and productive cycle.

For this reason, Ruffino is involved in projects and campaigns that extend beyond the concept of business, focusing on environmental sustainability, responsible drinking, commitment to others and women empowerment.
Ruffino Cares” embodies all of this.


Environmental sustainability

Respecting the environment is important to Ruffino. We have developed a sustainable production system (cellar, bottling and logistics) aimed at protecting and preserving the planet.



women empowerment

Ruffino is working to guarantee women full and effective involvement and equal leadership opportunities at all levels of decision-making in the corporate sphere. The company goal is to double the number of women in managerial positions from 2018 to 2022.

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A constant commitment to ensure ever greater social equity along the entire supply chain: we collaborate with suppliers and employees, monitor our consumption and environmental impacts by implementing strategies and actions to mitigate them. For more information, consult our Sustainability Report or write to the SQNPI Observatory at the following email address