Ruffino is a multifaceted business centered on the production of quality Italian wines, whose mission incorporates the key requirements of contemporary agriculture.

A company with over one hundred years of history inseparable to Tuscany and deeply attached to Italy, Ruffino today is the result of unparalleled business experience, agricultural wisdom, varied and extensive production expertise, and a modern organization consisting of stratified roles required for competition in a highly competitive sector and strongly linked to the local area.

An established producer of top Tuscan wines, which continues to provide the basis of its popularity, more recently the company extended its vision beyond these historic Tuscan estates with wines that achieve their highest expression in Veneto, whose terrain is especially suited to the production of quality Prosecco and white wines.

Ruffino now employs about 300 people across its various sites and benefits from an approach that surpasses former product distinctions. Alongside top winemaking, Ruffino vaunts flagship hospitality, organizing tours, tastings, running a restaurant and the chance to enjoy the brand experience firsthand on the Poggio Casciano estate, close to Florence.

Ruffino elevates its ethical mission with an entire program that is summarized in English as “Ruffino Cares”. The company furthers a campaign that unites all corporate social responsibility projects and focuses its efforts on three main aspects: the environment (not only the increased concentration on organic), responsible drinking and commitment to others.